Crist Moshos

Singer / Songwriter / Musician

    Crist grew up in a musical family with his grandfather and uncle playing bouzouki, and his father singing and playing guitar. He spent many hours as a child glued to the radio, absorbing the roots of rock and roll music. His own musical training began at age eleven when he started accordion lessons which lasted about three years. Although he quickly became a competent player, his heart was always moving toward the guitar.

    Crist’s early influences which included The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Byrds, and Buffalo Springfield, made a huge impact on him. He got his first inexpensive used classical acoustic guitar at age fifteen, and by sixteen had managed to acquire a cheap Teisco Del Rey electric, and never looked back. He formed his first band Virgin Earth in 1968, playing local dances at union halls, and such. In college Crist studied music theory, voice, and piano.

    Over the years he has been mentored by many including blues legend BB King and Byrds’ founding member Chris Hillman. His guitar heroes include Hendrix, Clapton, Harrison, Bloomfield, Stills, Mason, Knopfler, and Santana. He performed with numerous bands for many years and for long stretches as a solo artist, before reuniting with long- time friend and musical collaborator John Kallas to form Broken Arrow. Broken Arrow is now Crist’s main focus. However, he still writes and performs as a solo artist, as well. Keeping the great music of the golden age of rock and roll alive and carrying on its tradition is his passionate mission.